Our company is a professional manufacturer of and sales of 3535, 3030,2835,
3020,XHP70,XHP50,XML2,3570,1860,3528,5050, 3014,4014,5730 and a series of SMD LED lamp products and high power 1-300W Integrated and
COB 3-50W surface light source. mainly used in indoor lighting, automotive lighting, road and architectural landscape lighting, home and intelligent lighting and other fields. According to different customer requirements tailored to meet the appropriate lighting requirements of LED light source products. Our company is engaged in the LED industry for more than ten years, from the original Taiwan chip agents to the development of light source packaging manufacturers, strong technology, testing equipment. In addition, we have always adhered to the principle of being customer-centered, carrying forward the entrepreneurial spirit of "beyond ourselves and striving for excellence" and advocating the concept of "greener, more environmentally friendly, and more perfect". We has already owned its own brand "RZXLED" and can be authorized to join the agency. Some products have passed CE certification. Welcome to join our team to create a better future.